Carpet Cleaning Service in Tumwater, WA

Anyone who’s ever owned a home or business knows how hard it can be to keep carpets clean. No matter what color you buy or how careful you are, it always seems that something comes along and stains the carpet you’ve put so much money into.

Even if you avoid major spills and accidents, the minor things begin to pile up. Some dust there, spilled crumbs here go unnoticed – this is especially true when you have children and pets. Meanwhile, if you own a business, dozens or even hundreds of people may trample over your carpets every day.

Over time, it adds up. When it does, you don’t have to rip out the carpet and start over. Instead, you can rely on professional cleaners.

Who We Are

Super Quality Cleaning Services is a family-owned business that will leave your carpets looking as fresh and clean as the day they were installed. We work in both residential and commercial spaces so we can handle pretty much any size job.

We use truck-mounted machines to perform a deep-steam cleaning method that is safe for both pets and children. You won’t be waiting around for days waiting for the carpet to dry either as we offer fast dry times. We’re insured, bonded and licensed and have been in business for more than a quarter-century, so you know you can trust us.

If the carpets in your Tumwater, WA home or business need a good cleaning, feel free to give us a call at 360-754-8139​​​​​​​​​ to get the process started.